We interrupt your late night programming to bring you this SPECIAL TV offer - SECRET GOOD LOVE SOUNDS OF THE 70s and 80s.

This collection is not sold in stores.

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Short video I made last night for “7UP" by .Casting from his new album Late To Be Real

( .Casting: Bandcamp | Soundcloud )

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Intro from Paula Abdul’s 1994 workout video, Get Up and Dance.

A+ for all the women wearing brown matte lipstick and the fabulous leotards. And the smattering of “dude types” to prove this video is TOTES FOR EVERYONE!

Submission from my friend Dave, whom I first met in high school in 1993 and has already taken a keen interest in digging up cheesy materials for this blog. Thank you, doll :-*

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X807-000000 (by Max Capacity +)

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yung ~ VHS(preview) ウェーブライダー

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No fucking nonsense

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Roads & Boats - 1-800

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